A bit of an update

19 Aug

I haven’t been updating very well in the last couple weeks.  I have been working my butt off (gotta make that monies, as Buggy would say) preparing for our 3 day mini vacation to the beach, and now that we are back, to make up some of the $ we spent.  So here is a bit of an update on what’s been going on!

We all had an amazing time on our vacay!  It was Pookie’s first time, and he had a blast, even though he just couldn’t let go of me at all, the whole time we were there.  He wanted me to hold him or be near him for EVERYTHING.  I wanted a mama’s boy when I was pregnant with him, and I sure did get my wish!  Buggy and our Princess could have stayed on the beach ALL day if we (read: Pookie) would have let them.  They went in the water and played in the waves, dug in the sand and wreaked havoc with some birds.  Really the only mishap we had in three days was losing Pookie for a couple of minutes when he ran off chasing the seagulls and disappeared into the crowd on the beach.  It was a horrifying few minutes.  None of the kids got sunburnt (go me), although even with multiple additions of sunscreen, I most certainly did.  I think the sunscreen companies are doing something wrong!! Damn liars, the lot of ’em!

My favorite pic from the beach!


I had a couple extra days off after the beach and I did a whole lot of NOTHING with them, and now I have been back to working.  I’ve put in close to 26 hours in the last 2 days.  I feel like I should be proud of that. Or exhausted….you can guess which feeling is winning. Thankfully no more 12 hour days (this week), just 3 more 6 hour ones to go!

That’s really about all that’s been going on!  If I get some free time, I will do a better post about our trip 🙂

One Response to “A bit of an update”

  1. Ashley Pariseau November 27, 2011 at 12:21 am #

    That’s a great pic! I would be exhausted too.

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