Family visit

31 Jul

Today we took the kids to their great grandmother’s house. We haven’t seen her in about six months since she works for Fema, and was out at a disaster. The kids got to play out in her gorgeous back yard and it really was a great visit! Buggy was a little unsure if he wanted to go (or who she was) but the moment we went inside and he saw her, his arms went up and he was glued to her side! Pookie took a bit longer to come around. He is so much younger and really didn’t remember her, even with the visual of seeing her. Of course by the end of the day he gave her a huge hug and had an ear to ear grin! She spoils all of her (g)grand-kids so much!

Buggy bringing Grandma the golf set

Her Amazing back yard!

Pookie & his cousin ‘winging

Buggy says, “Where’s my cup?”

Pookie and cousin again

She bought lunch for us all and even though the boys wouldn’t eat when we first got there, after playing in her yard for an hour or so, they were starving! Buggy was hungry enough to eat an entire piece of fried chicken (minus the skin)! That boy rarely eats any type of meat, so it was a good sight to see!

We had such a mag sunset tonight too! So awesome! I love the heart shape to the right of the sun streak 🙂

Overall, another wonderful day!

What did you do that made you happy today?


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